Importance of Dental Hygiene

Part of being healthy and fit involves good dental hygiene. If you are neglecting your teeth, then the result could be an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. Tooth decay could leave you with difficulty eating healthy foods and talking. Your self-esteem could suffer immensely due to stained or missing teeth. You can do a few things to ensure you are practicing good dental hygiene today. Brush for the Right Amount of Time You want to start by brushing for the right amount of time twice each day. You need to brush for three minutes straight each time to … Continue reading Importance of Dental Hygiene

Help Us Support the Worcester County Food Bank

The Worcester County Food Bank is a community-based non-profit organization whose mission is: “To Engage, Educate and Lead Worcester County in Creating a Hunger- Free Community.” Wolpert Insurance believes strongly in the Worcester County Food Bank mission and we are proud to support their efforts. Our annual Food Drive has begun. With the help of our customers and business partners, Wolpert Insurance collected over 25 boxes of food for the December 2014 food drive. Together, we can and we will do better this year. Until December 7, 2015, Wolpert Insurance is accepting non-perishable food and / or monetary donations. Contact … Continue reading Help Us Support the Worcester County Food Bank

Important Tips for Campus Safety

Digital technology has transformed the way that safety is handled on college campuses. These days, students can sign up for alerts that are delivered via text messages and e-mails. The notifications include information about any safety hazards on campus or within close proximity to the campus. Furthermore, such alerts might come with specific codes that imply the level of the threat in real time. Mobile applications provide even better communication between safety personnel and college students. For example, the exact location of a safety problem can be shown on applications that are accessible to students. Whether there’s a fight or … Continue reading Important Tips for Campus Safety

Tips to Celebrate Baby Safety Month

Baby Safety Month in September gives parents a chance to reflect on some of the hazards that might be present in the home for a young child. You should take this month to see if you need to address any problem areas. Use these tips to celebrate Baby Safety Month. Use Gates to Restrict Access There are many different lightweight plastic fences that you can put in various parts of your house to stop your baby from going into specific areas. You should be using these gates to restrict access to rooms like the kitchen. They should also be placed … Continue reading Tips to Celebrate Baby Safety Month

Closing Your Swimming Pool

You want to be careful when closing your swimming pool. If you forget something or make mistakes, then the pool could be damaged over the winter months. Closing your swimming pool involves taking a few detailed steps. Remove and Clean Everything The first step is to remove everything from the pool. You need to skim out dirt, take out ladders and remove any growing algae. You then want to scrub down what you can. Take care of any problems with rust or corrosion at this point to prevent the problem from getting worse as the pool sits. Be thorough at … Continue reading Closing Your Swimming Pool

Celebrate National Water Quality Month

People have a direct impact on the quality of water in local rivers, lakes, streams and other basins. Parks and green spaces should ideally have water that is clean enough for recreational activities and other uses. There are several ways that individuals can help improve the quality of water in protected areas ranging from neighborhoods parks to national parks. First of all, trash should always be disposed of correctly and never thrown directly into the water. Plastic, rubber and other similar materials do not degrade over time, and they simply contaminate water. It’s also not advisable to throw biodegradable waste … Continue reading Celebrate National Water Quality Month

Tips for Exercising with Your Child

August 3-9 is Exercise With Your Child Week. There are several ways you can get your kids up and moving and increase your level of physical exercise. An important factor to keep in mind when exercising with your child is their age level as it relates to safe choices and endurance expectations. When you first think of exercising with your child, you may visualize you and your kids doing push-ups, jumping jacks, high kicks, and other fundamental exercise moves. A routine such as this is one possible way for everyone to get a good workout. However, it’s not the only … Continue reading Tips for Exercising with Your Child

Practicing Cell Phone Etiquette

A large amount of etiquette has appeared over the last decade around cell phone use. Not everyone follows the etiquette or uses cell phones in a courteous manner. This can cause problems for the people around that individual. Practicing cell phone etiquette requires doing a few things. Turn Off the Cell Phone in Quiet Places Many places are around today where everyone is expected to be quiet and respectful once inside. This includes movie theaters, libraries, museums and some stores. You want to turn your cell phone off before going inside these locations. You can turn off the power on … Continue reading Practicing Cell Phone Etiquette

Practice Boat Safety

Going out on a boat can be a wonderful experience. You can do many different things while you are on the water. It is still important to remember that boating can be very dangerous if you are not prepared. You should practice boat safety by following a few basic steps. Pay Attention at All Times Practicing boat safety means paying attention at all times no matter what is happening around you. It is critical that you are aware of every other boat near you and the hazards that are in the water. You do not want to let the people … Continue reading Practice Boat Safety

What to Do When Your Car is Recalled

You need to be very careful when a recall is issued for a car that you own. A recall is usually a serious event because you are in danger if you drive the vehicle. It is not always clear what steps to take after finding out. You should know what to do when your car is recalled. Confirm the Recall Applies to Your Vehicle The first thing to do is confirm that the recall applies to your vehicle. Ensure that the recall is talking specifically about the exact make and model of your car. If it is talking about a … Continue reading What to Do When Your Car is Recalled