Closing Your Swimming Pool

You want to be careful when closing your swimming pool. If you forget something or make mistakes, then the pool could be damaged over the winter months. Closing your swimming pool involves taking a few detailed steps.

Remove and Clean Everything

The first step is to remove everything from the pool. You need to skim out dirt, take out ladders and remove any growing algae. You then want to scrub down what you can. Take care of any problems with rust or corrosion at this point to prevent the problem from getting worse as the pool sits. Be thorough at this stage to make everything easier later.

Test, Shock, and Balance the Water

You now need to take care of the water. Shock the water to remove any harmful bacteria or other substances that might cause issues. You want to test the water to ensure that it is properly balanced when it comes to pH. Add whatever is necessary to get the right balance. Wait at least a day for the chlorine content to drop and then pour in some algaecide to take care of potential blooms during the winter.

Empty the Filter, Pump, and Plumbing

Drain some water from your pool so that there is nothing contacting the outlets or pump. You must now empty out the filter, pump, and plumbing. Clean the filter thoroughly to get out all the dirt and prevent corrosion while not in use. Use a shop vacuum to blow out the pump and plumbing lines running to the pool. You want them to be completely dry inside.

Secure the Winter Cover

A final step is to secure the winter cover. Attach the cover according to the instructions and make certain that it is firmly in place. You might want to place an air pillow underneath for added protection. The pool has now been closed although you still need to check the water monthly during the winter.