Are You a Role Model?

It does not take fame and fortune to be a great role model for kids. The average person can inspire local youth in many positive ways that some athletes and celebrities cannot. A great way for adults to become role models is to join programs in community centers. For example, young men can work exclusively with teenage males who may not have any siblings to spend some quality time with. In a sense, guys can take on the role of a big brother for young males. Similarly, young ladies can fulfill the role of a big sister for female teenagers.

Many community centers appeal to kids who live with a single parent. Therefore, a male child without a father figure most likely years for an older male companion. A person with a college degree and a steady job would make an excellent role model for youngsters who need some guidance on significant issues in life. It’s also important for role models to discourage youth from trying drugs, alcohol and tobacco products. Besides giving valuable life lessons for youngsters, mentors can also focus on fun activities such as video games and recreational sports.

People who have power on a local scale can have a lot of positive influence on young residents. For example, mayors could launch initiatives that inform local youth on ways to improve the community through volunteering. Cleanup efforts at local parks can definitely inspire teenagers to get active and enhance the green spaces that have ball fields and recreational facilities. It’s also important for community leaders to provide internship opportunities for youngsters in municipal jobs. By the time they enroll in college, such students may have a clear idea of the type of degree to pursue in order to fully qualify for a role in local politics and government affairs.