Fall Driving Dangers

Fall is a time when things start to change all around the country. New hazards that were not there during summer will start to appear. You need to adjust your driving habits to compensate and stay safe. Here are some fall driving dangers that you should look out for when on the road:


One of the main hazards you need to watch out for in the fall is leaves. The tress will be dropping a large amount of leaves onto the roads. It is important to remember that leaves are incredibly slippery and can cause your tires to lose traction. Lower your speed when you are driving over leaves. Do this even if there is only a thin broken layer of leaves. Additionally, brake gently and earlier than normal to allow extra space for your car to stop when leaves are on the road.


Another fall danger to remember is fog. You could see fog at almost any time of the day depending on weather conditions. If you drive into a foggy situation, then immediately turn on your headlights. This will allow you to better see the road while improving the visibility of your vehicle. Drive slowly and never take your eyes off the road in fog. Never use your high beam setting in fog, since this could actually obscure your vision and make it difficult for other drivers to see your car.


The length of the day will start to shorten in the fall. This can be a very real hazard since you might forget the actual time of day while on the road. You want to start planning your trips so that they are during mainly daylight hours. Watch out for school buses that are starting to fill the roads during fall. If the sun starts to go down before you get home, then remember to drive defensively especially if it is dark during rush hour.