Grow a Mustache for Movember

Movember has grown into a major charitable movement designed to bring issues related to men’s health to the forefront. Movember started in 2004 with just a few dozen people in Australia who want to really make a difference locally. Movember eventually become an official charity and was adopted by millions of people all over the world. Movember now stands as a recognized symbol of the fight to help men stay healthy and address heath concerns during the rest of the year. Here is a little information about why you should grow a mustache for Movember:

About the Tradition

Movember has always been about raising the awareness of men’s health issues. One of the founders once said that the organization was attempt to change the face of men’s health. That phrase resulted in many men who literally changed their faces during the month of November to show solidarity with the message. Men who want to take part in Movember now shave on the first day of November and allow the mustache to grow all the way until the end of the month.

How a Mustache Helps

The mustache is a visible reminder about men’s health issues. Suddenly having a mustache for nearly a month will often cause other people you see each day to stop and ask why it is there. The answer is an opportunity for every person to start talking about the men’s health issues like prostate cancer that are so important to Movember.

Who Is Participating

Nearly 5 million men and women are participating in Movember each year now. Participants are raising money for men’s health organizations and medical research. This is occurring in dozens of countries. Movember has even appeared in some sports video games where teams spontaneously grow mustaches during the month of November. The participants who have been growing mustaches and working hard have managed to raise over $600 million over the last decade for men’s health causes.