Risk Management

Get Help Mitigating The Risks Of The Market

If you’re in the market for quality risk management solutions, Wolpert Insurance wants to help you! Our agency is passionate about helping you create the right kind of approach to commercial insurance for your businesses in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the rest of New England. Our specialized risk management program has helped some businesses run more smoothly and has possibly even led to lower premiums!

Our Safety Training and Risk Reward (STARR) systems goal is to lower your premiums through risk assessment, planning, and employee training. Premiums are usually subject to market fluctuations and uncontrolled claim results, but with our STARR program, we believe you get more consistent premiums by having a better trained work force, and a safer environment. It doesn’t completely eliminate the ups and downs, but it’s our opinion that it can certainly help smooth out the process.

Are You Stuck In A Re-Active Approach To Buying Insurance?

Many businesses make the mistake of keeping the same insurance just because it would be too much effort to switch to something else. If you’re stuck buying the same insurance year after year without seeing any improvement, consider making a change. Our STARR program helps to teach you to identify, mitigate, manage, monitor, and implement safety and risk management strategies in an effort to attain higher levels of productivity and lower premiums. Wolpert Insurance has been in business since 1956, and we’re uniquely qualified to provide this kind of assistance.

Our risk management personnel and partners serve as:

  • Workers compensation experts
  • HR certified compliance trainers
  • Licensed, accredited advisors

If you’re interested in getting on the STARR program and controlling your risks, contact us to find out more! Call (508) 459-4700 or stop by one of our offices in Massachusetts or Rhode Island to speak to us about our services.

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