Non-Trucking Liability/Bobtail Insurance

Trucking Professionals Know More Than Anyone Why They Need An Insurance Professional

As a trucker, you’re a big part of what keeps American industry going. Wolpert Insurance knows that New England truckers don’t always have it easy, but we can take some of the load off by helping you choose dependable coverage that will puts your mind at ease.

Bobtail Vs. Non-Trucking Liability: Understanding The Difference

Your rig is likely covered when you’re hauling something, but is your liability covered for the times you’re not on dispatch or carrying a load, like in between pickups or traveling to a pickup or from a delivery? These “bobtailing” or “deadheading” scenarios can pose challenges to every trucker and you may even need special insurance for some or all these instances.

Our ability to walk with you through various non-trucking liability insurance options may be just what you need to better understand your choices. Depending on your employer and other factors you may need bobtail, non-trucking, or both. An experienced member of our staff may help you figure out just what you need from your trucking insurance.

An Independent Agency Is The Way To Go

Many owner-operators are required by their motor carrier to have non-trucking liability insurance, but where you get it from really matters in a specialized industry like trucking. When you get insured through a giant corporation, you run the risk of getting a one-size-fits-all policy. At Wolpert Insurance, we know that your truck is your livelihood, which is why we’ll help you evaluate bobtail coverage from providers who know how to handle the particular needs of the transportation industry.

Our dedicated agents take the time to search insurance providers. The carriers we work with to help you get this kind of specialized insurance write truckers, so you can be confident they speak the language of trucking.

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