Tips to Celebrate Baby Safety Month

Baby Safety Month in September gives parents a chance to reflect on some of the hazards that might be present in the home for a young child. You should take this month to see if you need to address any problem areas. Use these tips to celebrate Baby Safety Month.

Use Gates to Restrict Access

There are many different lightweight plastic fences that you can put in various parts of your house to stop your baby from going into specific areas. You should be using these gates to restrict access to rooms like the kitchen. They should also be placed at the top and bottom of stairs so that your baby does not try to crawl onto the stairs and fall.

Raise Up or Remove Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator magnets are a major choking hazard for children. If the colorful magnets are low on your refrigerator, then a baby could reach up and grab one. You need to raise all your refrigerator magnets up to the highest possible positions. If there are too many, then remove the lower magnets altogether.

Keep Your Dishwasher Locked

A dishwasher can be filled with dangerous items like knives and forks. Many people leave dishwasher doors ajar or unlocked during the day. A baby could pull the door down, reach inside and be cut by a sharp knife or utensil. You can stop this easily by keeping the dishwasher door locked at all times.

Mount Heavy or Unstable Items to Walls or Tables

A final risk to consider is that a child might try to climb on furniture holding heavy items or play with cords attached to electronics. This can cause something like a television or a heavy stereo to come falling on top the baby. Prevent this by mounting all your heavy or unstable electronics to the walls or the tops of tables and shelves. You might also want to rearrange heavy items so that they are near the ground and will not fall.