Tips for Exercising with Your Child

August 3-9 is Exercise With Your Child Week. There are several ways you can get your kids up and moving and increase your level of physical exercise. An important factor to keep in mind when exercising with your child is their age level as it relates to safe choices and endurance expectations.

When you first think of exercising with your child, you may visualize you and your kids doing push-ups, jumping jacks, high kicks, and other fundamental exercise moves. A routine such as this is one possible way for everyone to get a good workout. However, it’s not the only way to exercise with your child.

You might find exercising more fun when you approach it with the mindset of a child. Kids know how to have fun. A game of tag, jumping rope, hopscotch, backyard volleyball or badminton or numerous other fun activities are great ways for the family to exercise together. A trip to a local park could give you an opportunity to “be a kid again.” Your children might be amazed at just what a great playmate you can be.

A family outing that involves hiking or biking can be a good form of exercise for the whole family. Kids are usually more energetic in the morning hours, and the temperatures are typically cooler then. That makes the morning a great time to go hiking. You’ll want to do some research to find kid-friendly trails so that you can choose an appropriate hiking location. The bike trail you choose should also be safe and family-friendly.

Any time you and your kids are enjoying outdoor adventures it’s important that everyone stay hydrated. Sunscreen is also essential when playing or exercising outdoors. Be sure to take breaks to rest and cool down when you’re exercising alone or with your children.