Practicing Cell Phone Etiquette

A large amount of etiquette has appeared over the last decade around cell phone use. Not everyone follows the etiquette or uses cell phones in a courteous manner. This can cause problems for the people around that individual. Practicing cell phone etiquette requires doing a few things.

Turn Off the Cell Phone in Quiet Places

Many places are around today where everyone is expected to be quiet and respectful once inside. This includes movie theaters, libraries, museums and some stores. You want to turn your cell phone off before going inside these locations. You can turn off the power on the phone or just the speaker by muting the volume. This is good etiquette because there is no chance that your phone will ring and break the silence.

Stop and Go Somewhere Private To Have a Conversation

Nobody wants to listen to a stranger having a conversation with another individual over a cell phone. This is especially true if the person on the phone is yelling or having an intense emotional reaction. If you need to have a conversation on your cell phone, then go somewhere private. This could be an empty side street, a fire escape or a bathroom. If the conversation is going to be very involved, then wait until you get home. This is proper cell phone etiquette.

Always Follow the Law

Various states and cities are passing laws or ordinances to curtail the use of cell phones in public. Learn and follow the law in your area. Some ordinances state that you cannot walk and use a cell phone. Several states have made driving and using a cell phone illegal. You want to ensure that you are always obeying the law.

Do Not Constantly Check Your Phone

A final way to practice cell phone etiquette is to not constantly check your phone. Do not leave it out, put it in front of you or keep it in your hand. If you are engaged with someone in a conversation or activity, then pay attention to the person or task. Leave your cell phone out of the picture.