Firework and Sparkler Safety Tips for Families

Summer is upon us, and that means the wonderful summer holidays are too! This summer, ensure your family’s safety by following these safety tips when using fireworks and sparklers during your holiday gatherings. Sparkler Safety Sparklers are hazardous mainly because of one thing: heat. Here are a few things to keep in mind when enjoying this summer tradition. 1.) Only hold the sparkler on the very bottom that is not covered in pyrotechnic compound. 2.) Wear gloves. 3.) Always supervise children. Children should never play with sparklers unless they are with a responsible adult. Show children that they should hold their sparklers … Continue reading Firework and Sparkler Safety Tips for Families

HR Tips for Small Business Owners

Human resources (HR) was once solely the domain of large companies, but much has changed in the last couple of decades. Modern employees want HR services available to them, and the modern small business requires HR practices in place to avoid liabilities that could lead to crippling lawsuits. Knowledge, Understanding and Adherence to Laws and Regulations As soon as the first employee is hired, the business faces a wide range of liabilities ranging from payroll to discrimination. Therefore, it’s necessary that the HR department/provider implement the requirements from those laws and regulations into the business practices. Developing and Maintaining an … Continue reading HR Tips for Small Business Owners

Tips for Home Protection While You Are Away

As the summer months approach us, it is likely that you and your family plan to take a vacation to get away and spend quality time together. Vacations are a great way to let loose and reconnect with one another. However, home protection is a topic to discuss before you catch your plane to paradise. Taking steps to protect your property from intrusion and theft will allow you to have peace of mind while on vacation. Have a look at these tips for home protection. Keep valuables away from windows. Having expensive items in sight through the window will only … Continue reading Tips for Home Protection While You Are Away

Hurricane preparedness at your business

Hurricane season is once again upon us.  Is your business ready for the possibility of the next big storm?  Here is a quick checklist of things you can do right now to help better prepare your business for this season: Check your business insurance policy to see what type of coverage you have.  If you do not carry flood insurance, now is the time to secure a flood policy that will cover both your building structure and the content inside.  You can contact us for more information about flood insurance for your business. Prepare your employees.  Make a written list … Continue reading Hurricane preparedness at your business