Tips for Home Protection While You Are Away

As the summer months approach us, it is likely that you and your family plan to take a vacation to get away and spend quality time together. Vacations are a great way to let loose and reconnect with one another. However, home protection is a topic to discuss before you catch your plane to paradise. Taking steps to protect your property from intrusion and theft will allow you to have peace of mind while on vacation. Have a look at these tips for home protection.

  • Keep valuables away from windows. Having expensive items in sight through the window will only entice burglars into your house.
  • Use timers to make sure lights come on in your house at certain parts of the day. Lights will give the impression that people are inside the house. Lights will deter burglars from attempting to break into your home.
  • Contact your local police station before you leave. If you let them know that you and your family will be out of town, they may provide check-in services. By having the police periodically check on your house, you can feel safe while on vacation.
  • Lock all the doors and windows on your house and garage.
  • Lock the doors on any of the vehicles in your driveway or yard.
  • Be careful of what you post on social media. Letting the world know that you are away on vacation may prompt a burglary by someone close to you.
  • Try to tidy up your yard before you leave on your trip. If you let your grass become overgrown, it may send a signal that no one is around. Keep this in mind as you are prepping for your departure.

Protecting your home before you leave for vacation is just as important as keeping your home safe while your home. Even though you are on vacation, crime can still occur. For any information about home insurance have a talk with one of our insurance agents today! 508-459-4700