Firework and Sparkler Safety Tips for Families

Summer is upon us, and that means the wonderful summer holidays are too! This summer, ensure your family’s safety by following these safety tips when using fireworks and sparklers during your holiday gatherings.

Sparkler Safety
Sparklers are hazardous mainly because of one thing: heat. Here are a few things to keep in mind when enjoying this summer tradition.
1.) Only hold the sparkler on the very bottom that is not covered in pyrotechnic compound.
2.) Wear gloves.
3.) Always supervise children. Children should never play with sparklers unless they are with a responsible adult. Show children that they should hold their sparklers out a full arms length in front of them. Children under twelve should still be closely monitored.
4.) Put used sparklers in water or sand to avoid starting a fire.
5.) Keep sparklers away from any fireworks you may also have. They could accidentally
set them off.
6.) Never use sparklers indoors.

Firework Safety
Fireworks are a summer staple, and when used safely, can be enjoyed by all. Follow these safety tips when setting off your fireworks show this year.
1.) Buy only legal fireworks and never try to make your own.
2.) When setting off your fireworks, stay far away from others. They may backfire.
3.) Don’t hold fireworks in your hand or any other part of your body when lighting. Follow the given fireworks safety instructions.
4.) Aim fireworks away from homes, bushes, trees, or any other obstacle. A clear open space it best when setting them off.
5.) Wear protective eye gear.
6.) Light one firework at a time. If you have a dud, (one that does not go off) never relight it.
7.) Douse used fireworks in water before throwing away.
8.) Do not allow children to touch any part of the firework, even debris that has fallen off a lit one. They may still ignite.