New Year’s Eve and your company cars

Now that the year is coming to a close, you may have cleaned up your shop for the year and are ready to take a short hiatus from the business world for a few weeks. But before you lock the business doors for vacation, you may want to sit down with your employees to remind them of some things. If you have a fleet of company cars that are used by your employees, you will want to remind them that company vehicles are off limits during time off. Do not allow your employees to bring vehicles home overnight or at … Continue reading New Year’s Eve and your company cars

What if Santa needed insurance?

When it gets to be Christmas time, everyone likes to think about Santa Claus and his wonderful workshop up at the North Pole. Children young and old dream about Santa’s sleigh ride on December 24th when he visits all the good little girls and boys by climbing down the chimney and leaving gifts. But when you are in the insurance business, thinking about Santa always raises the question: If Santa were to walk in here right now, what type of insurance would he need? It goes without saying that Santa Claus would most likely be looking for a good comprehensive … Continue reading What if Santa needed insurance?

Business liability at the office holiday party

Now that the holidays are here, one question that always comes up this time of year for business owners is: Who is liable if something goes wrong at the office holiday party? There are a lot of scenarios that can happen at an office party that can raise liability issues. Each state has different laws regarding who is actually considered liable when accidents happen during or after a work related gathering like a holiday party. It is important that you are aware of your state’s laws when planning your office party. One of the biggest issues is alcohol consumption. Being … Continue reading Business liability at the office holiday party

Mailing items from your business

If your business mails out items to customers on a daily basis, you are most likely on top of the process. Your items are probably packaged very safely and usually make it to your customers on time and in great shape. But if your business does not typically mail things out and you receive a special order for something to be shipped, you might need some tips on how to properly package the items. Here are a few things to remember: Depending on the item you will be shipping, you may want to hire a professional to do the job. … Continue reading Mailing items from your business

Truckers: Stay abreast of safety laws

When you drive construction vehicles for a living, the chance that some debris could fly off and hit another vehicle is always there. In some cases, your company may receive a phone call from an unhappy driver who claims his vehicle was hit with a rock from your truck. Of course it is not a phone call that anyone wants to receive because it could mean someone possibly got hurt or that the company may owe damages to the other driver. Unfortunately, there have been instances where flying debris has caused serious injuries and even death. Just last year, there … Continue reading Truckers: Stay abreast of safety laws