What if Santa needed insurance?

When it gets to be Christmas time, everyone likes to think about Santa Claus and his wonderful workshop up at the North Pole. Children young and old dream about Santa’s sleigh ride on December 24th when he visits all the good little girls and boys by climbing down the chimney and leaving gifts. But when you are in the insurance business, thinking about Santa always raises the question: If Santa were to walk in here right now, what type of insurance would he need?

It goes without saying that Santa Claus would most likely be looking for a good comprehensive policy for his sleigh. The risk involved with flying across the entire world in one night is a big one. You never know what he may come across: one of the reindeer could toss a shoe, the power steering could go on the reigns or worse – Santa could get in an accident with some other flying sleigh driver.

And when it comes to his toy making business, Santa would most certainly want only the best coverage for his hard working elves. Santa’s business insurance plan would have everything – workers comp, disability, and employee benefits (because he surely has over 50 elf employees up there). And even though all the toys they make are made with love and care, Santa’s business insurance would certainly be there in case of faulty workmanship.

Of course, we would discuss any insurance Mr. Claus would ask us about if he were to step into our shop. We love talking with new customers about insurance possibilities. We would love to talk to you about your business insurance as well. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and hope to hear from you soon! Give us a call with any of your business insurance questions or concerns.