Truckers: Stay abreast of safety laws

When you drive construction vehicles for a living, the chance that some debris could fly off and hit another vehicle is always there. In some cases, your company may receive a phone call from an unhappy driver who claims his vehicle was hit with a rock from your truck. Of course it is not a phone call that anyone wants to receive because it could mean someone possibly got hurt or that the company may owe damages to the other driver.

Unfortunately, there have been instances where flying debris has caused serious injuries and even death. Just last year, there was an incident of a mother and son in the same situation.

The only thing you can do as a driver is take safety precautions to keep accidents like that from happening. You are probably already aware of certain laws regarding the use of tarps to cover loads that contain loose items like gravel, stone, sand, etc. While it might feel like a lot of work to comply with the rules all the time, it is necessary and helpful in keeping everyone safe.

If you are in the business of driving construction vehicles, now is a great time to review your company safety policy. Update yourself and your employees on any new laws. If your company travels interstate, make sure you are abreast of all the state and federal laws as well. If you are in need of any insurance information, we would be happy to help. We can contact your business insurance carrier’s loss control department to see if there are any new and/or improved safety resources for you. We hope you and your company stay safe out there on the roads!