Your auto body and repair shop insurance coverage and the holidays

Now that the holiday shopping season is here, your auto repair business may be seeing a lot more business as well. Shoppers sometimes get a little frenzied at the prospect of those amazing deals out there during this holiday gift giving time. Add in some inclement weather and you have got yourself the perfect recipe for unfortunate auto accidents. You might have an overabundance of vehicles waiting to be repaired. So what happens if something goes wrong at your auto shop and one of your key pieces of machinery breaks, making it impossible to fix any cars? How will you keep your auto repair business running while you have your machinery fixed?

Your auto body and repair insurance policy can have you covered.
Having an insurance policy tailored to fit your niche of work can be a life saver when a key piece of machinery breaks down. Your insurance policy can not only help pay to have your machinery fixed, but it can help pay for lost income your business will be making during the time the machinery is out of service.

Having a specific auto body and repair insurance policy can also be your safety net if your customers become disgruntled while waiting and decide to take their business elsewhere. In cases like that, your insurance can help pay for your business to operate in a temporary location while the machinery is being fixed at your permanent garage. It can help you keep those customers that might want to go somewhere else for service.

We want you to have a wonderful fourth quarter without worry of machinery breaking down. We want you to feel confident that you will be covered for anything that could go wrong in your auto repair business. Just give us a call to discuss your options.