Winter maintenance for your HVAC system

With winter creeping up on us, you may notice that the heat is kicking on more often at the office. To make sure your system is running clean, you will want to complete a few maintenance projects on your business’s system. Keeping your system clean will help it run more efficiently, keep your employees safe and prevent unwanted claims on your insurance.

Your best bet is to have a professional HVAC contractor visit your business to run some tests. He can test the quality of the air that is coming in and going out of the processor. He can determine if your system is running properly or if it needs any additional maintenance that you cannot complete yourself. Once the diagnostic testing has been completed, you can get to work on fixing any problems that have been addressed.

Have your duct work cleaned to get out any dust and/or particles that could cause illness in your employees or customers. Change all the filters in your system including those at all registers and at the main furnace as well. Skip using any air fresheners if you can to reduce the amount of chemicals that will be distributed into the air everyone will be breathing.

Once your HVAC system is running smoothly, giving your office a good cleaning is a great idea. Designate some time for your employees to tidy up their workspaces so that you can start the winter season as fresh as you possibly can. Encourage a clean workspace. You can offer incentives like time off or recognition in the monthly newsletter for doing so. Having good air quality in the office can help prevent illnesses and hopefully keep your employees at work as much as possible. We hope you have a great fourth quarter filled with profit and happy, healthy employees.