Are You a Role Model?

It does not take fame and fortune to be a great role model for kids. The average person can inspire local youth in many positive ways that some athletes and celebrities cannot. A great way for adults to become role models is to join programs in community centers. For example, young men can work exclusively with teenage males who may not have any siblings to spend some quality time with. In a sense, guys can take on the role of a big brother for young males. Similarly, young ladies can fulfill the role of a big sister for female teenagers. … Continue reading Are You a Role Model?

Fall Driving Dangers

Fall is a time when things start to change all around the country. New hazards that were not there during summer will start to appear. You need to adjust your driving habits to compensate and stay safe. Here are some fall driving dangers that you should look out for when on the road: Leaves One of the main hazards you need to watch out for in the fall is leaves. The tress will be dropping a large amount of leaves onto the roads. It is important to remember that leaves are incredibly slippery and can cause your tires to lose … Continue reading Fall Driving Dangers

Grow a Mustache for Movember

Movember has grown into a major charitable movement designed to bring issues related to men’s health to the forefront. Movember started in 2004 with just a few dozen people in Australia who want to really make a difference locally. Movember eventually become an official charity and was adopted by millions of people all over the world. Movember now stands as a recognized symbol of the fight to help men stay healthy and address heath concerns during the rest of the year. Here is a little information about why you should grow a mustache for Movember: About the Tradition Movember has … Continue reading Grow a Mustache for Movember