Poison Prevention Tips

Poisoning in the home is a very serious problem for both adults and children. There are many potential hazards in a house that can lead to poisoning. Some you might not even realize. A few poison prevention tips will help to keep everyone in the house safe and healthy.

Keep All Medicine in the Original Container

The first tip is to keep all medicine in the original containers or packaging. You do not want to try to organize medicine in colored jars or other containers. You could easily become confused even if you place a mark on the container. Additionally, you will not have access to relevant information about the medicine, such as the recommended dose or the restrictions. Keep everything in the original packaging.

Never Combine Cleaners or Other Household Chemicals

Never attempt to combine different household cleaners or chemicals. Some common household cleaners can create poisonous fumes when combined. This can occur even if the cleaners are simply used on the same surface right after each other. The same is true of household chemicals you might use for automotive repair and painting.

Lock Away Cleaners and Medications If Children Are Present

If you have children in the home, then lock away cleaning products and all medications. Store them in a high cabinet or closet area. Lock the door to the area so that children will not accidentally open and find the items. This is critical because many medications and cleaners look like candy to children.

Dispose Of Expired Medications and Chemicals Properly

You could be easily poisoned by expired medications or chemicals in the home. Expired medications can have unpredictable adverse effects on your body. Expired or old chemicals can release toxic fumes. Properly dispose of these items as soon as they expire, or you no longer need them.