Spring Landscaping Tips

Planning a landscape design for your property can be a fun way to bring out your creative side. Before you transform your backyard into a tranquil sanctuary, select a central theme that will dictate all of the important features. Some popular themes for residential gardens include oriental, formal European, Mediterranean, rustic, tropical and desert. It doesn’t necessarily take a fortune to integrate such unique themes into your property.

Formal English-style gardens emphasize symmetry, elegance and extravagance. Straight paved paths should cut abruptly through lush manicured grass. Shrubs and other short plants should define the perimeter of any walkways that are inspired by mazes. Dark brick and natural stones should be integrated into European-themed gardens.

An oriental landscape should be decorated with plenty of statues that emphasize spirituality, wisdom and bliss. The figurines can be scattered throughout the property in a seemingly random fashion. Wooden arbor gates normally form the centerpiece of Asian-themed gardens. Bamboo can be integrated into structures such as benches and even fences. If you want to install a gazebo or rotunda, select a pagoda design for the rooftop.

A landscape design for a desert terrain should include cactuses and a variety of other succulents. Homes in arid climates may not even need paved walkways, which tend to heat up significantly under the scorching sun. Instead, some gravel and loose pebbles can be laid out to create paths between a home and other features such as a swimming pool, fountain or shed.

A rustic-themed garden focuses on the use of wood and rocks. Fences and statues can be made from carved tree trunks and branches. Structures like benches and rotundas should have a design that’s inspired by log cabins. Traditional farming tools and equipment can add some esthetic appeal to a rustic garden. Consider placing wheelbarrows, rakes, and plows throughout the property.