4 Hidden Costs To Moving

Moving can be an expensive endeavor. While many of the costs of moving are obvious, there are other costs that people forget when planning a move. Being aware of some of the hidden costs of moving can help a person to plan for a move and avoid any last minute problems.

Storage Fees

In many cases, people will find that they will have to store some of their items as the result of a move. While moving companies often include storage fees in a moving estimate, this amount is just for a short period of time. Long term storage fees can quickly add up and people who are moving should carefully consider what items to store and which to sell or donate before moving.

Moving Supplies

Boxes, bubble wrap and tape are just some of the items that a person will need to pack and move his or her belongings. While these costs many seem trivial, they can add up very quickly when packing up an entire home. By saving boxes and packing materials in the weeks leading up to the move, a person can work to save on the cost of moving supplies.

Utility Costs

Service fees for connecting and disconnecting utilities and utility deposits are another cost that many people fail to plan for when getting ready to move. The good news is that these costs are easy to determine as a simple phone call to the current and future utility company is that is needed to gather these figures.

Missed Work Time

In most cases, moving will require taking some time off of work. This includes the day(s) of the actual move and time spent making arrangements with truck rental or moving companies. Though a person may be able to use personal leave to avoid losing pay, he or she will need to be certain to have enough leave to cover the move.