Safety Tips For Teen Drivers

Driving comes with a lot of different responsibilities. Teenagers need to respect the rules of the road and follow some safety tips to prevent unfortunate accidents.

Young drivers may be tempted to use their mobile phones while driving. Many states prohibit the use of any handheld electronic devices while sitting behind the steering wheel. Teenagers should be strongly discouraged from answering phone calls or text messages while driving. The legal consequences of such inappropriate behavior should be made clear to inexperienced young drivers that might place themselves and other passengers at high risk. Instead, technology such as Bluetooth should be taken advantage of for hands free phone calls while driving.

Teenagers should be educated about the importance of wearing seat belts at all times while being behind the steering wheel. State laws require all drivers to buckle up on all public roads and highways. Even when driving slowly in a local neighborhood, it’s important to wear a seat belt.

Night time driving can be dangerous for inexperienced motorists. Teenage drivers should learn how to properly use low and high beam headlights accordingly. Headlamps should always be turned on during rainy or foggy conditions regardless of the time of day. For maximum visibility, the front windshield should be kept clean to prevent any glare and dispersion from incoming light. Driving early in the morning or late in the evening can also be very dangerous because of solar glare. Looking directly into the sun can lead to temporary blinding effects. Teens should be encouraged to wear polarized sunglasses and use the overhead visors to maximize visibility on the roads at different times of the day.