4 Fun Ideas For Your Family Reunion

Whether reunions occur every few years or once per year, it’s important to come prepared with fun ideas and activities! With these 4 ideas, you and your extended family will have a blast.

1. Then and Now

This game is a fun one for family members of all ages and can be put together with little preparation. Prior to the reunion, the organizer simply needs to ask each adult family member to submit two photos of him or herself – one as a baby or young child and one current. At the reunion, photos are organized in two columns “Then” and “Now” and tagged with numbers and letters respectively. Any interested family members can then study the pictures and try to match the baby with the current picture by recording their answers on a form. Whoever gets the most correct earns a prize.

2. Awards

Break the ice a little and help family members get to know one another even better by hosting an initial “awards ceremony.” You can go as serious or silly as you like and use award categories like the oldest and youngest family members, the most frequent reunion attendee, or the chatterbox for the most vocal family member.

3. Organized Sports

What family doesn’t like a little competition? Try stirring up a little rivalry by pitting the kids against the adults in a game of flag football or softball. Simply select your family’s favorite sport, pick teams, and let the games begin.

4. Family Trivia

Another fun reunion activity, family trivia also helps the family get to know one another better. Prior to the reunion, collect different questions about each family attending the reunion and create a deck of questions with answers on the back. Create teams of two to four players and begin play by having a team select a card. The team with the most right answers wins.

Reunions are about enjoying family and getting to know one another just a little bit better. These activities are designed to kick up the fun and interaction at the same time.