Car Emergency Kit: What To Include

When going on a road trip, it’s important to pack essential items. Emergency car situations can be managed with some basic portable things.

When getting stuck in the middle of a rural road, medical help might be hours away. It’s important for drivers and passengers to bring along a first aid kit. Ointments and other disinfectants are very important items for treating minor cuts and scrapers. Dressing, bandages, and wraps should be available to control bleeding. Painkillers should also be brought along to relieve some pain. First aid kits are very crucial to managing the immediate effects of an accident while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

If the battery of a car suddenly dies, the driver and passengers could be in big trouble. As darkness settles in, a flashlight surely comes in handy during such emergency situations on the road. Extra batteries should always be on board a vehicle. It’s important to bring a variety of batteries to power flashlights and other electronic devices.

When a car is involved in an emergency situation, it is vital to have some sort of supplies for alerting other drivers. For example, flares could be used to signal authorities that are searching for distressed passengers in the darkness. Similarly, reflective bands and even vests should be worn by anyone that stands beside a stalled car on the road.

Some basic hand tools could be very useful in emergency situations involving vehicles. A hammer can be used to break through windows in cars that roll over or dip into water. Box cutters and pocket knives provide essential leverage in cutting seat belts. It’s common for passengers to get stuck in their cars that get hit hard by other vehicles. Hand tools provide simple ways to escape a car that’s badly damaged with dents and crumple zones.