Life hacks for the office

You may have heard the term life hacking and only thought it referred to finding simple solutions to household problems, but you can life hack your way through your workplace as well!  Try to incorporate these easy life hacks within your office environment to see if they can be helpful to your employees.

  • Use bread tabs to label all those wires everyone has floating behind their desks.  It can help identify what goes with what when you need to know.
  • Binder clips work wonderfully to raise keyboards when the little feet have broken off.
  • If you need to put your smart phone on speaker for more than one person to hear, try placing it in an empty bowl.  It will amplify the sound to get it out to more people at once.
  • Keep a hair flattening iron in your desk for those times when you have a business meeting with a client and you notice that your collar or shirt cuffs are wrinkled.
  • Use scotch tape to clean out between the keys on your keyboard.  The stickiness and static electricity will pick up hard to reach particles.
  • Make a coffeemaker timer for the break room with two cups so that everyone will know when the last pot of coffee was brewed.  Simply stack two cups on top of one another.  On the bottom cup’s lip, write the 24 hours of the day.  On the top cup, simply draw an arrow pointing to the bottom cup.  Whoever makes a pot of coffee is to spin the cups so that the arrow is pointing to the correct time in which the coffee was made.

Hopefully these little life hacks will make your office day a little more fun.  Please call us with any questions about insurance for your business!