Does your business have enough insurance?

So you have started up your business and you bought your insurance policy to cover everything that could possibly go wrong at the office.  Great!  But there is one additional question you may want to ask yourself: Did I buy ENOUGH insurance?

While it may seem like a sales pitch to get you to spend more in premium, it is really a legitimate question that everyone should ask themselves regardless of the type of insurance they may be referencing.  Homeowners sometimes buy the absolute minimum insurance that their mortgage loan agency requires.  A lot of auto owners only buy the minimum insurance that is required by law and there are also people who buy life insurance thinking the benefit amount is very large only to find out when it is too late that the amount will barely cover their loved ones’ expenses when they are gone.

The same thing holds true for business insurance.  Having the right amount of insurance for your business is as important as having the right type of insurance.  If an accident were to occur, you want to know that your insurance will cover all the expenses that go along with it.  If a piece of your machinery breaks, there will be more to that expense than just paying to have the machinery fixed.  You could also be dealing with lost income due to the decrease in production.  You could be paying your employees even though no work can be done.  Does your current business insurance include all these incidentals?

If you are concerned that your business insurance is not adequate to handle everything that could happen at the workplace, give us a call to review it.  We can certainly help get you the insurance you need to run your business without any hiccups.