Spring maintenance for your fleet

Now that spring is upon us, you will probably want to give your business fleet some maintenance.  With all the travel your employees did over the winter, your fleet could probably use a good cleaning as well.  Not only will a car wash make your trucks, trailers, and other vehicles look great, it will also help get all that corrosive road salt out from the undercarriages.

Check the mileage on all vehicles to see what type of maintenance is scheduled.  Some vehicles may be ready for an oil change even if the suggested time frame has not lapsed.  At the same time, you may have some vehicles that have not been used as frequently that still need to have an oil change completed.  Usually every 3-4 months is what is suggested.

Inspect all the vehicles’ coolant systems.  Make sure the level of coolant is sufficient and there are no leaks. Check all fluids to make sure there is enough of everything.  If you notice that some fluids are lower than they should be, find the cause of the problem and have it amended.  Check the air conditioning system as well.

Check the tires to make sure the pressure is good.  Remember that the spare tire needs to be checked, too!  Rotate the tires to make sure they are being used evenly.  Replace windshield wiper blades that do not properly clear the windshield.  Top off the windshield washer fluid.

Of course, the most important thing to check is your fleet insurance policy.  You want to be sure you are up to date with all the coverage you will need to keep your business fleet in service.  Call us with any questions or concerns about how your insurance will cover your business if something were to go wrong out there on the road.