Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning with carbon monoxide detectors

As we all learned recently from an unfortunate news-worthy incident regarding carbon monoxide poisoning and a famous restaurant chain, the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning is something that should always be considered in the workplace as much as it is in our homes.  Installing carbon monoxide detectors in your place of business, whether it’s an office building, restaurant, warehouse, or any enclosed space, is a very worthwhile investment.

Carbon monoxide is a flavorless, odorless and colorless gas that can be absorbed into the bloodstream when inhaled.  In some cases, it can be completely undetected until a person starts having symptoms.  It mixes with hemoglobin in the blood to prevent the acceptance of oxygen.  This can cause symptoms like headaches, nausea, vomiting, fainting, shortness or breath and others.  It can even cause very severe symptoms like seizures and even death.

Preventing carbon monoxide poisoning is not only within your best interest as a business owner, but as a compassionate human.  Carbon monoxide detectors cost about $20 apiece and can be easily installed in your business.  They usually do not require any additional wiring, but plug directly into existing outlets.  Typically, they have battery back up in case power goes out at any time.

If you are looking into having carbon monoxide detectors installed in your workplace, call your business insurance carrier to find out more information.  Your carrier’s loss control department may be able to help you find the best options specific to your business.  You may also qualify for some type of policy credit for having taken safety measures to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in your workplace.  Give us a call to find out more about your insurance and carbon monoxide poisoning prevention.  We hope you, your employees, and your customers remain healthy and safe from carbon monoxide exposure.