Top 10 Common Workplace Injuries, Part 2

Last week, we discussed the first five most common workplace injuries, according to the American Training Resources website. As promised, we are back with another five to go over. At Wolpert Insurance, we make it a priority to ensure that our business owner clientele are being as safe as possible in their work environment. Unfortunately, the more accidents that occur on the job, the higher their workers compensation premium may end up being. That is the last thing we want to see happen to our wonderful clients!

Without further adieu, here are five more common workplace injuries and solutions to avoid them:

#1: Struck By an Object
Solution: Provide the proper safety apparel and head gear to all employees. Keep work area orderly. Keep employees away from large overhead loads.

#2: Motor Vehicle Collisions
Solution: Train all drivers. Prohibit distracted driving (texting, talking on phone, eating, etc.)

#3: Caught-in or Crushed-by equipment
Solution: Provide adequate training to ensure that ALL employees understand how to properly use machinery and equipment. Have machinery serviced to ensure it is working properly. Establish a dress code to avoid loose clothing, hair and jewelry from getting in the way.

#4: Repetitive Motion Injury
Solution: Encourage proper posture, job rotation, frequent periodic breaks, etc. If an employee notices aches and pains, it may be time to step in and take action to prevent an injury.

#5: Workplace Violence
Solution: Teach your employees to avoid confrontational situations, angered employees, etc. If you notice an employee who acts irrational and is easily angered, it may be time to reconsider their role at your business.

If you missed the first five common injuries, be sure to check out last week’s blog!

To learn more about safety in the workplace and how it can affect your Massachusetts workers compensation policy, do not hesitate to reach out to our agents.