Join us for a Workers Compensation seminar: The Myth Behind the Math!

At Wolpert Insurance, we take pride in our Massachusetts workers compensation expertise. With that being said, we would like you to join us on Friday, February 17th for our workers compensation seminar.

This is not a Safety or Compliance seminar. We will not discuss risk reduction methods or accident investigation. This is a numbers seminar for the finance guru’s who want to understand and manage the impact of claims on premiums.

Presented by a former CPA, we will show CFO’s, CEO’s and business owners how to control, predict and deal with your experience modification. If you have been baffled as to how your experience mod is calculated but feel you need to know more to manage it effectively, you are not alone!

We will also help you prepare for the impact the 2013 NCCI changes will have. These changes will help those of you who know how the numbers work and hurt those that don’t. By attending the seminar you will be better able understand HOW these changes may impact you!

The seminar will begin at 12:00pm and run until 3:30pm at:

Marlboro Holiday Inn

265 Lakeside Ave

Marlboro, MA 01752

If you are interested in learning about your mod and the changes being made in 2013 regarding claims and your Mod, do not hesitate to register on our website. We look forward to seeing you!