Massachusetts Workers Compensation: The Benefits of a Return-to-Work Program

All great business owners are aware of the importance of Massachusetts workers compensation. Besides being required by law, workers compensation will provide your employees with peace of mind while keeping your company safe from a lawsuit. However, one plan that not everyone is familiar with is a Return-to-Work program. This is a program that is worth looking into because the benefits for both the employer and the employee are remarkable.

For an employer, the benefits include:

1. RTW can lower Massachusetts workers compensation costs.

2. RTW will make sure the employer is updated on the injured employee’s progress while away.

3. RTW may speed up the recovery and will have the employee back to work as soon as possible.

4. RTW can reduce the chance of a fraudulent claim.

5. RTW can save on hiring and training costs while there is a replacement.

For an employee, the benefits include:

1. RTW can help an employee recover faster by keeping them in a work mentality and schedule.

2. RTW will make sure the injured employee does not suffer severe financial loss due to loss of time.

3. RTW can eliminate the negative effects of a long-term absence.

4. RTW will promote better employee morale.

5. RTW may eliminate the guilt of having to stay at home instead of working.

Do these benefits sound appealing to you? Be sure to speak with us at Wolpert Insurance about our Massachusetts workers compensation policy. We would be happy to discuss the possibility of a Return-to-Work program and how it will enhance your workers comp policy. Stay tuned for more information on RTW programs next week!