Massachusetts Workers Compensation Tips: Planning for Job Site Injuries

When it comes to protecting the vitality of your business, it’s important that you put the health and safety of your most valuable assets – your employees – first. Health and safety precautions are commonly a company-wide concern, no matter what market or industry you operate within.

For your staff member, getting back on his or her feet and resuming work is crucial to both their physical and emotional rehabilitation process. As a Massachusetts business owner, it’s necessary that you implement an effective, supportive, injury management process – allowing you to create stronger worker-employer relationships. Not sure where to get started? Below are our expert tips for handling and reporting Massachusetts workers compensation claims:

Before the Claim:

Develop and implement a Return-to-Work program
Establish a relationship with an Occupational Clinic
Establish a relationship with Independent Nurse Case Manager
Appoint a Program Coordinator
Build an Alternative Duty Job Bank
Write a formal Safe Room Job Analysis for each job

When an Injury Occurs

Report injury within 1 hour to Program Coordinator
Confirm that First Notice of Injury is sent to Insurance Company and Agency
Provider worker with prompt and aggressive medical treatment
Have a Program Coordinator accompany injured worker to Occupational Clinic
Provide Worker Injury packet to treating physician which includes information about Return-to-Work program, alternate job duties, Return-to-Work Authorization form and Work Restrictions form.
Utilize your Return-to-Work program
Aggressively use Independent Nurses on red flag claims
Maintain constant communications with employee until he/she returns to work
Complete, post and maintain OSHA 300 forms
Secure Return-to-Work Authorization from doctor
Above all, establishing sound health and safety practices help to create a more positive corporate culture and are a serious win-win for both professional workers and the employer. Interested in learning more? At Wolpert Insurance, we offer a unique variety of safety, compliance, and risk management tools to enable you to run your business safer and be more profitable. Contact Wolpert Insurance to discover your Massachusetts workers compensation options, today!