Celebrate National Water Quality Month

People have a direct impact on the quality of water in local rivers, lakes, streams and other basins. Parks and green spaces should ideally have water that is clean enough for recreational activities and other uses. There are several ways that individuals can help improve the quality of water in protected areas ranging from neighborhoods parks to national parks. First of all, trash should always be disposed of correctly and never thrown directly into the water. Plastic, rubber and other similar materials do not degrade over time, and they simply contaminate water. It’s also not advisable to throw biodegradable waste … Continue reading Celebrate National Water Quality Month

Tips for Exercising with Your Child

August 3-9 is Exercise With Your Child Week. There are several ways you can get your kids up and moving and increase your level of physical exercise. An important factor to keep in mind when exercising with your child is their age level as it relates to safe choices and endurance expectations. When you first think of exercising with your child, you may visualize you and your kids doing push-ups, jumping jacks, high kicks, and other fundamental exercise moves. A routine such as this is one possible way for everyone to get a good workout. However, it’s not the only … Continue reading Tips for Exercising with Your Child