Practicing Cell Phone Etiquette

A large amount of etiquette has appeared over the last decade around cell phone use. Not everyone follows the etiquette or uses cell phones in a courteous manner. This can cause problems for the people around that individual. Practicing cell phone etiquette requires doing a few things. Turn Off the Cell Phone in Quiet Places Many places are around today where everyone is expected to be quiet and respectful once inside. This includes movie theaters, libraries, museums and some stores. You want to turn your cell phone off before going inside these locations. You can turn off the power on … Continue reading Practicing Cell Phone Etiquette

Practice Boat Safety

Going out on a boat can be a wonderful experience. You can do many different things while you are on the water. It is still important to remember that boating can be very dangerous if you are not prepared. You should practice boat safety by following a few basic steps. Pay Attention at All Times Practicing boat safety means paying attention at all times no matter what is happening around you. It is critical that you are aware of every other boat near you and the hazards that are in the water. You do not want to let the people … Continue reading Practice Boat Safety