How to Stay Alert While Driving

Accidents occur every year because drivers become drowsy. You want to be as alert as possible while driving. This is not always easy, especially on long drives or after a busy day at work. A few tips will help you to stay alert while driving. Keep Your Car Cool The first tip is to keep your car cool. Warm temperatures inside of your car can actually make you feel drowsy. This can cause you to lose focus. Open your windows to get fresh and cool air into your car. If it is hot outside, then turn on your air conditioner. … Continue reading How to Stay Alert While Driving

Landlords: Tips for Winter Preparation

As the winter season arrives, landlords should inspect and prepare their properties for any new tenants. Preparing a property for the winter begins with some basic maintenance in the backyard, garden, and front lawn. The sprinkler system should be fully winterized in order to prevent any unexpected bursts of water that can quickly saturate the ground. Similarly, in-ground swimming pools should be fully winterized along with equipment such as water heaters, filters, and pumps. Attached strongly to metal anchors, a waterproof cover should span the entire pool basin. The exterior of a home should also receive some major maintenance work … Continue reading Landlords: Tips for Winter Preparation