How to Stay Alert While Driving

Accidents occur every year because drivers become drowsy. You want to be as alert as possible while driving. This is not always easy, especially on long drives or after a busy day at work. A few tips will help you to stay alert while driving.

Keep Your Car Cool
The first tip is to keep your car cool. Warm temperatures inside of your car can actually make you feel drowsy. This can cause you to lose focus. Open your windows to get fresh and cool air into your car. If it is hot outside, then turn on your air conditioner. The cool air will keep you alert during a long drive.

Take Breaks or Naps
If you are driving a long distance, then you need to stop and take breaks or a nap along the way. Driving for too long can lead to problems like highway hypnosis. You can become easily distracted after hours on the road. You will want to stop and stretch every 100 miles that you drive. If you are becoming very drowsy, then pull over in a safe place and take a 15-minute nap.

Eat Healthy Snacks and Caffeinated Beverages
Healthy snacks and caffeinated beverages can both increase your alertness on the road. Consider small and healthy snacks, like nuts or sunflower seeds. Eating the snacks slowly over a long time will provide your body with consistent energy. Alternately, you could drink coffee, soda, or an energy drink to get a temporary boost.

Drive with a Friend
A final tip is to drive with a friend. Another person in the car can help you to stay focused. That individual can also watch you and the road. This will make it less likely that you will not notice something like a sign or obstacle. Bringing along a friend on long trips can make a big difference.