Boiler and Machinery Insurance

If you have been contemplating boiler and machinery insurance for your business, here is some information for you to better explain the coverage and what it will protect for your business.

  • Boiler and machinery insurance is not just for industrial business.  Small businesses can also use the benefits of boiler and machinery insurance.  Say you have a small business where you use an electric screen printer to place designs on T-shirts.  If that screen printer breaks, how much would it cost you to have it fixed or replaced?  Boiler and machinery coverage will help get your printer back in action quickly.
  • It protects old and new machinery the same.  You may have an antique lathe at your business that has been used to make your products for many years.  In fact, it’s what your business prides itself on.  So what happens if a part breaks and you can not find a replacement for it?  Your boiler and machinery coverage will help cover the cost to find a replacement or build a new part.
  • It helps protect more than just the machinery it covers.  When your machinery breaks down, your business may suffer.  You can have your boiler and machinery insurance cover the loss of business income.  It can also help relocate your business to a temporary facility while the machinery is being fixed or replaced.

So if you thought boiler and machinery insurance was just for those large businesses that rely on heavy machines to do their work, think again.  Take a minute to review your business and see what type of machinery is used on a daily basis.  Then think about what could result if that machinery were to fail.  If you think your business could use boiler and machinery coverage, please call us for more information.