Massachusetts Folklore and Legends

Massachusetts is riddled with legend and folklore. There are tales of black magic, strange creatures and of course witches that brought sorcery to towns like Salem back in the early years. There is one legend that people have called the Telltale Seaweed. Apparently, two women were stranded one night on a road near Salem after their car broke down. When they went looking for some help, they came across something a bit more…spooky.

The two women came across a house. They knocked on the door to see if they could have some assistance. When no one answered, they walked in. The dust was very thick on the floor so they assumed it was an abandoned house. They decided to take a rest on the floor and set out to find help in the morning. In the middle of the night, the women were awakened by a dripping wet man who walked right into the house and stood as if to dry himself in front of the fireplace. The ladies thought it was a dream, so they fell back asleep.

In the morning, they looked where the man was standing and found a piece of seaweed on the ground. They later learned that a family had lived in that house earlier before their son was drowned at sea. The piece of seaweed the ladies found was tested and found to be a species that only grows on dead human bodies.

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