Mitigating frozen and burst pipes this winter

Running your business takes up your time enough without worrying about your business’s building structural problems. But nonetheless it is important to keep up with proper maintenance on your building to avoid unnecessary problems down the road. In the winter time it is particularly important to pay attention to the dipping temperatures and how they will affect your building.

Water pipes are vulnerable to the freezing temperatures we have been experiencing lately and could freeze causing serious issues for your structure. When pipes freeze, the water inside can freeze causing a blockage. That blockage could cause a lot of pressure buildup inside which could result in a burst water pipe. Your commercial building insurance will most likely cover the damage, but it is important to check your policy and do everything you can to prevent it first.

If you think your water pipes could use an inspection, contact a licensed plumber in your area. He or she can check your pipes and give you suggestions on what to do to prevent them from freezing. One suggestion may be to insulate those pipes that are in vulnerable spots like crawl spaces, attics or exterior walls. Your plumber will be able to complete that task for you. If those pipes can’t be reached, a plumber can reroute the pipes through a warmer section of the structure.

You want to spend your time growing your business and keeping your clients and customers happy. Make sure your building is maintained properly to keep everything running as smoothly as you want it to. And of course you can call us with any concerns or questions about burst pipes, freezing temps or other issues could affect your insurance policy. We can go over your policy together and see if your business could use any additional coverage.