Does my worker’s comp policy cover employees in other states?

When you run a business you know that having a workers compensation insurance policy is imperative. Accidents happen when you least expect it and can run into a lot of money for your business if you are not covered. Every state has its own worker’s comp laws. Some states mandate you have coverage while others do not require it. Massachusetts is one of the states that require your business to carry workers comp coverage regardless of company size or hours worked.

But what happens if your employees travel out of state for work and they get injured? Will your policy cover them? The short answer to that question is no. On its own, your workers comp policy is written for the state in which your business is operational. So if you have warehouses or offices in other states, you will need to have separate policies for each state your business operates in.

However, for those employees that are normally stationed in one state, but travel to different states, you will need to have the Other States endorsement added to your workers comp policy. Your employees will be accounted for in the rating of the policy state they mostly operate in, but will have coverage when they travel outside the state borders.

The Other States endorsement can be issued if your carrier covers the states your employees will be traveling. In some cases, carriers partner with other carriers to offer Other States endorsements when they can not offer the coverage on their own.

If you have any employees who will be traveling, find out about the Other States endorsement for your business. Give us a call with any of your questions about the Other States endorsement and how it can help your workers comp coverage. We are here to help you and your business.