Types of Workers Comp Benefits: Temporary Total Incapacity Benefits

Welcome to our Massachusetts workers compensation September Series! Throughout the month of September, we will be going over the different types of workers compensation benefits. As a business owner, it is important to be aware of the benefits for those times that employees have questions or concerns about the coverage. While you may not be an expert on these benefits right now, you certainly will be by the end of the month!

To kick the series off, we will begin with Temporary Total Incapacity Benefits.

Individuals who are qualified for Temporary Total Incapacity Benefits are those who have an injury or illness which results in the inability to work for six or more full or partial calendar days. It is important to note that these days do NOT have to be consecutive. Qualified individuals can receive benefits for up to 156 weeks and will begin ON the sixth day of incapacity—whether consecutive or not.

So, what ARE the benefits exactly?

Qualified individuals will receive 60% of his or her gross average weekly wage. According to Mass.gov, employees can calculate benefits by, “taking actual gross earnings, including overtime, bonuses, etc., and dividing this number by the number of weeks worked at the job in order to compute average weekly wage. Multiply that number by 60% (.60) to come up with approximate weekly compensation.”

To learn more about this type of benefit, do not hesitate to give our agency a ring. Our workers comp experts would be more than happy to discuss it in further depth. At Wolpert Insurance, we take pride on being the experts and are happy to extend our expertise to you. All business owners should be well-versed on these benefits in order to extend knowledge to their employees.

Please come on back next week. We will be discussing Medical Benefits!