Utilizing Respirators Safely and Properly

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Does your company have workers using respirators? A respirator can be a vital tool in protection workers from inhaling harmful chemicals in the air and it’s important that they are being used and maintained correctly. Maintaining a respirator is very essential in that if you and your employees do not do a good job of doing so, they may not function properly and a worker may inhale harmful chemicals. You don’t want to have to file a claim on your Massachusetts worker’s compensation, do you? Here are the best practices for maintaining respirators:
• Inspection: Respirators must be inspected consistently before and after each use. To do this effectively, make sure you or another supervisor is keeping a record of each inspection with any findings and notes. A typical inspection can include checking the tightness of connections, the headbands, valves, and connecting tubes.
• Cleaning and disinfection: Always, ALWAYS clean a respirator after each use. No exceptions. Cleaning should include removing filters and cartridges that may be dirty and cleaning them with disinfectant and then rinsing completely in warm water.
• Repair: Only experienced employees with knowledge of respirators should be allowed to perform repairs. Do not make any attempts to replace parts or make changes beyond the recommendation of the manufacturer.
• Storage: Respirators should be stored in containers or bags in clean areas to protect from dust, sunlight, extreme temperatures or excessive moisture.

According to OSHA, preparing respirators for use and making sure they are being properly maintained is important. If this is ever failed to be done correctly it may lead to an employee illness which could result in a claim in your worker’s compensation in Massachusetts.

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