Winter Safety for Construction Sites

The winter can pose many different types of hazards, and this is especially true for construction sites. If you’re operating a construction site, are your employees aware of the dangers that exist when it gets colder and icier outside? Employers must take extra precaution to protect workers from cold weather related injuries, according to OSHA. If you want to educate your workers on staying safe in the winter and avoiding any Massachusetts workers compensation claims, here are some precautions to pass on:
• Remove or improve any environment and workplace conditions that may be dangerous.
• Learn symptoms and signs of illnesses and injuries caused by cold weather.
• Train employees about illnesses and injuries and how to perform emergency care.
• Encourage construction workers to work in pairs. Individuals who happen to be working alone can often be unaware of worsening conditions resulting in an inability to get help.
• Check work sites to see that unsafe conditions like snow and ice are removed from the site so workers are not exposed to their hazards.
• Encourage employees to wear correct clothing while the air is cold and the conditions are wet and windy. Layering is very important this time of year.

At Wolpert Insurance & Risk Management it’s our job to help construction companies and other businesses about the dangers and risks of working outside in the winter time. For more information on staying safe in cold months, contact our Massachusetts workers compensation agency today.