Workers Compensation Terminology, Part 1

As a business owner, it is important to be familiar with Massachusetts workers compensation. After all, it is required by state and federal law! However, many business owners may not be familiar with ALL terms associated with this coverage option. This week, our agency has put together a few terms that business owners should be aware of:

#1: Aggravation: Aggravations are not usually temporary and imply a fresh incident that produced additional impairment to a previously injured area.

#2: Cumulative Trauma: This concept implies that repeated minor stresses may result in injury or disability.

#3: Employability: A term that defines or is used to convey whether or not an individual is able to be employed for certain careers or fields.

#4: American Medical Association Guides: This is the most widely used method of rating functional impairment.

#5: Chronic Pain Syndrome: This is a subconscious psychological stress state extending pain through operative conditioning and pain behavior.

#6: Disability: This terms refers to an injured employee who may not be able to perform specific tasks until full recovered, or possibly never again. It represents how impairment combined with the person’s age, educational background, vocational background and other factors will affect the employee’s ability to return to work.

At Wolpert Insurance, we believe that all business owners should be familiar with Massachusetts workers compensation rules, regulations and terminology. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our experts here! We would be happy to speak with you.

Be sure to come back next week when we will be discussing another five terms related to workers compensation. You won’t want to miss it!