Reasons to Maintain a Good Relationship With Your Claims Adjuster

In many Massachusetts workers compensation cases, the main contact that employers and employees will have to deal with is a claims adjuster. The claims adjuster is there to keep track of the state of medical condition the injured employee is in, their working condition and of course, to make sure the interest of the company is protected. In short, the claims adjuster is there to help. However, there are plenty of cases where the adjuster is not treated as well as he or she should be.

The key thing to remember: the adjuster is not out to get the employee or your business! He or she is simply doing their job and will ultimately decide whether or not an employee will receive benefits. This is exactly why it is important to maintain a good relationship with him or her. Remember to:

• Communicate with him or her. If you have any questions or concerns about the procedure, speak up and discuss. Communication goes both ways!

• Be cooperative and courteous. If the claims adjuster asks for documentation or information, do not hesitate to respond to their request.

• Avoid writing off your claims adjuster as “someone out to get you.” He or she is working to find coverage for you, not deny it.

• Remain patient during this process. Both you and your claims adjuster want to close the case as soon as possible. If it is taking longer than usual, there is most likely a reason for that!

As long as all parties involved remain trusting and truthful, both the employer and employee will not have to worry about any conflict or issues with the adjuster. It is as simple as that! For more information on dealing with a claims adjuster, contact our agency. We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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