Register for Our Workers Compensation Seminar: The Myth Behind the Math!

Next Friday is the big day! Wolpert Insurance will be presenting a workers compensation seminar on February 17th. Are you ready to learn the myth behind the math?

Our Massachusetts workers compensation experts will be discussing the changes to come in 2013. Do not be fooled; this seminar is not about safety or compliance. This is a numbers seminar! It will be for all the financial leaders out there who want to better understand and manage the impact of claims on premiums.

Many professionals do not fully understand how their experience mod is calculated, which is why we are taking matters into our own hands. We believe that you should all feel confident and well educated in this area! A former CPA will demonstrate how to control, predict and deal with your experience modification.

Attending this seminar will also give you a first-hand look into the 2013 NCCI changes. These changes are going to impact YOU. Those who understand the change will benefit while those who do not will ultimately end up hurt.

If you are interested in learning more about your mod and these upcoming changes, register on our website! The seminar begins at 12:00pm and will run until 3:30pm at:

Marlboro Holiday Inn

265 Lakeside Ave

Marlboro, MA 01752

We look forward to seeing you there!