Risk Management Solutions for Massachusetts Business Owners

No matter what industry you may be involved in, as a Massachusetts business owner you will always be faced with some level of employee-related risks. Owning and operating your own commercial enterprise – whether that be a livery program, auto body shop or even a moving and storage company – that responsibility comes with a great deal of liability. Not to mention, that your employees are just one piece to that puzzle.
From Massachusetts workers compensation claims to employment practices liability, there are a variety of risk exposures your business may face. However, by proactively improving the environment in which your employees operate can have a positive influence on your risk management strategy:

Employee Orientation; when a new hire comes on board, one of the most important aspects to an easy transition is ensuring that he or she goes through an orientation and training period. No matter how much experience a new employee may have, training them is critical to helping them accurately understand the way in which your company operates. Every business has its own unique policies, processes and safety regulations. It’s also crucial each employee is kept up-to-date on the emergency procedures.
Supervision; encouraging and promoting safe workplace practices through consistent supervision helps to reduce potential Massachusetts workers compensation risks. It’s important that managers are frequently reinforcing safety practices and procedures as well as reviewing employee protocol.
Each business is unique, so keep in mind that your risk management strategy will need to be tailored to the particular risk exposures you may face. At Wolpert Insurance, we offer a unique variety of safety, compliance, and risk management tools to enable you to run your business safer and be more profitable. Interested in learning more? Contact Wolpert Insurance today to speak with an agent and request your free commercial insurance quotes!