For the Business Owner: Assessing Your Holiday Exposures

Although the end of the year is near, that doesn’t mean the risks of the holidays will go away. As the New Year draws closer, there is no time better than now, to ensure your company is properly protected. As a business owner, you have many responsibilities; and assessing your holiday exposures should be at the top of your list this season.

The holidays are a time for celebration and cherished memories with loved ones. However, according to the National Federations of Independent Business (NFIB), they can also bring an increased opportunity for burglary and vandalism that can negatively affect your business. The following are the four most common ways your business may face increased risk during the holidays; as well as precautions to take:

1. After-hours burglaries

Many small business owners close up shop and take a well-deserved break between Christmas and New Year’s. Just as your customers are aware of your absence, so are criminals who might use the time to plan a robbery. Before you leave, test your security system to make sure it works properly.

2. Shoplifting

Not all burglaries occur when your store is closed or while you’re away on vacation. While shoplifters are always a threat, they are most dangerous during the holidays, when the increased number of customers gives them the chance to steal while you and your staff are busy helping others. Consider hiring a plainclothes security person to help you keep an eye on your merchandise during peak shopping times.

3. Identity theft

Not only do you need to worry about protecting your business, but your customers as well. The increased number of financial transactions occurring during the holiday season makes it a perfect time for people trying to steal personal information. If you store sensitive data about your customers, make sure this data is encrypted on a password-protected computer.

4. Charity scams

Criminals know that many small businesses enjoy giving back at the holidays, and may travel from door to door soliciting donations. While they say that they represent a legitimate charity, the money you give goes directly into their back pocket. Instead of making a donation on the spot, it’s best to ask the solicitors to give you a brochure.

At Wolpert Insurance Agency, we are committed to protecting the community during the holiday season. We understand that as a business owner you need extra protection for a variety of risks – that span far beyond the potential for holiday loss – which is why we are proud to offer comprehensive Massachusetts business insurance solutions.

We offer commercial insurance solutions that strategically balance your distinct needs and operating requirements. Our goal is to help reduce the financial impact of unexpected losses like natural disasters, lawsuits, employee injuries, etc. We can include a custom combination of coverage options such as commercial property, workers compensation, general liability, and more. Our team is here to better protect your company during this joyous season with the gift of our Massachusetts business insurance!