Year-End Tax Tips

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, is something everyone has to do at the end of the year. It is important to remember that there are many tricks you could use to help lower what you owe in taxes. Here are a few year-end tax tips that can save you money. Top Out Your Retirement Savings Accounts The first tip is to top out your retirement savings accounts. You want to contribute up to the maximum limit for the year. That money will instantly become non-taxable and will not count towards your income. Do this for all your … Continue reading Year-End Tax Tips

Pet Safety in Cold Weather

As cold weather approaches, many people take steps to make certain that their homes and automobiles are prepared for the cold temperatures. However, many people fail to consider how the cold weather will impact their pets. Like humans, pets are susceptible to exposure from cold temperatures. In order to keep pets healthy, happy and safe, pet owners need to take a few simple steps. Access to Water and Food  Many pets have outside water bowls, especially horses and other large animals. During cold weather, it is important for pet owners to frequently check the water to make certain that the … Continue reading Pet Safety in Cold Weather

Enjoy Roasted Butternut Squash Seeds for World Vegan Month

World Vegan Month in November is a time to celebrate the many benefits of following this type of diet and lifestyle. Vegans have access to many amazing ingredients that create healthy and flavorful meals. Butternut squash seeds are one of those ingredients. Here is a recipe for roasted butternut squash seeds that any vegan will enjoy. Collect and Prepare the Seeds The first step is to collect and prepare the seeds. Each individual butternut squash does not contain a large amount of seeds like a pumpkin. You can get about a single serving from one squash. You can put the … Continue reading Enjoy Roasted Butternut Squash Seeds for World Vegan Month